About Fit4life Incorporated in 2012 after 15 years of nutritional research Specialists in INDIAN bodies & holistic wellbeing Lost over 20 Kgs and sustained it for over 5 years Reversed metabolic disorders viz. BP Diabetes & other lifestyle ailments USP (it can be reworded to appear better on the pamphlet. The words in bold could be highlighted) Specially crafted world cuisine to suit the Indian palate Fresh food brought to your door step with the culinary expertise of Soups & Salads Follows WHO guidelines & Harvard university’s healthy plate Meals include complex carbs, good fats and adequate protein Variety of NUTRIENT DENSE foods contributing to long term cellular health Menu does not repeat for 10 weeks to excite your taste buds Meal plan analysis sent for each meal

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Details about the order Subscription based – order a minimum of 5 meals after the 1st day trial pack Distance: Door step Delivery within 7 km km radius of Jubilee hills Introductory offer : Veg: 250/- and Non-Veg: 300/- all inclusive

Call on: 9949266407 / 9491011202 to place your order Next week’s menu will give you a glimpse of the yummy healthy and nutritious meal