Top 10 Reasons WhyYou Are Not Losing Weight: Nutrition Food

Reasons For Not Losing Weight On A Low-Carb Diet

1. You Don’t Have A Realistic Goal

Do you want to lose weight quickly? Well, most of the times, that doesn’t work. You need to be realistic when it comes to losing weight. Gradual weight loss is healthy, effective,maller goals are more achievable, and you will not let yourself down.

2. You Do Not Realize That You Are Losing Weight

Sometimes, the weighing scale is not enough to know if you are losing weight. You need to assess your body fat percent because excess fat is what you want to get rid of. In fact, if you are exercising regularly, it is quite possible that you are building muscle mass, and it is this muscle mass that shows up as “weight” on the weighing scale. Moreover, an unhealthy body image can make you feel that you are not losing weight, whereas, in reality, you have lost the flab and look toned up.


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